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Bethlehem, PA


Freestone Media is a full service recording studio that offers quality recordings, and creative production.  

We combine great audio with artistic video production that is great for events, small business and artists.



Hourly Recording:

$40 per Hour or $300 per day


Full Production Packages:

Vocal Recording: $250 per Song

Vocal Tracking or mixing over any existing recording

Includes Editing, Tuning and Mixing

Great for Artists with Pre Produced Tracks or Beats


Band Recording: $450 per Song

Includes one live tracking day at remote location

Overdubs, Editing and Mixing Included

Great for Bands with completed songs and limited budgets.


Full Production: $650 per song

Production and Engineering by Jason Reif

Includes one base instrumental tracking day at remote location.

Overdubs, Editing and Mixing Included

Great for Singer-Songwriters without a band but who want a full production


Piece by Piece:

Song Development / Production: $150 Per song

Live Tracking (Multiple Instruments): $300 per day

Overdubs/ Isolated Tracking: $150 per song

Editing: $40 per hour

Mixing: $250 Per song

Mastering: $25 Per song