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Bethlehem, PA


Freestone Media is a full service recording studio that offers quality recordings, and creative production.  

We combine great audio with artistic video production that is great for events, small business and artists.


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An inside look Freestone Media sessions.  Tips, tricks and lessons learned from my experiences in production.

Great Gear- Next Acoustics

Jason Reif

Freestone Media- rear wall of control room with SoundTrax acoustic panels.

Freestone Media- rear wall of control room with SoundTrax acoustic panels.

When I was setting up my studio, I knew that before I spent money on audio gear, I needed to make sure my room sounded good.  Acoustic treatment often goes overlooked in the home studio, because its not as attractive as gear and guitars.  Once you invest in it though, you will see that it is more important to the sound of your music than anything else.

I knew right away that I didn't want to spend my money on Auralex acoustic treatment.  For foam and plastic, it is way overpriced.   it must be nice to charge whatever you want when you are the only company that sells treatment in the big name music stores.  I knew there had to be an alternative, and I quickly found other smaller companies making panels and offering up DIY solutions.  I found Next Acoustics selling their stuff on eBay, and once I checked out their site I was very impressed with their offerings.

I can't find the source now, but I remember seeing that the founders of Next Acoustics came from Auralex, and started making a better solution.  They came up with their own proprietary foam, and unique designs that fit together into smaller packaging while still looking great on a studio wall.  The lack of fancy packaging, advertising and distribution in stores is what keeps their prices great.


My first purchase was the MoFo Riser Sample Pack.  This included their foam monitor isolators and small samples of each type of foam treatment they sell.  I love the MoFo Risers, they are nice and thick for great isolation, wide enough for any monitors, and you can even adjust the angle at which the monitors sit.  

Just like with Auralex, I was able to send Next Acoustics a schematic of my setup, and they sent me back a diagram for how best to tame my room and vocal booth.  What I bought for my room was a combination of the 2" Sound Trax (for high frequency absorption), 4" Sound Trax (for mids to lows) and the Corner Blox bass traps.   Everything comes with their own designed two sided tape for mounting, which have held up great even on ceiling mounted panels

Freestone Media Room diagram

Freestone Media Room diagram

This company's customer service is great as well.  If any thing was missing, they sent it right over.  After I got my first set of panels up, I was still having some low end trouble and my sales associate recommended some solutions and placement.  I also got a nice discount for my larger order.

My spare bedroom studio is not "by the books" ideal for recording, but this treatment has really made the room usable for both recording and mixing.  Don't overlook them in your search for treatment.